The Skull & Sword is dead. The shop is closed indefinitely. After a decade of running the shop I have decided to change my focus towards more personal art and expansion. This, of course, still includes tattooing, but it also includes doing more art outside of it and less work on the business side. I will also continue to devote time and effort to Black Claw, and developing industry leading tools and ideas for our community. I take great pleasure and pride in what Black Claw has been able to achieve and I know we will bring many more groundbreaking and thoughtful products and ideas to the craft.

I want to thank all of the amazing people I was able to share time with at the shop. I will start with my absolutely great co-workers and guest artists who I had the privilege of learning so much from over the years not only about tattooing but about life. Thank you for making me a better person, one with more depth and compassion, less fear and more freedom. Endless thank yous to my own clients as well as all of those who were clients of the shop; it could not have been successful without you! Thank you all for your trust, time, courage, and graciousness. Thank you to all the fans of the shop and what we did. It gave us courage and support to deliver our absolute best. I could never have imagined the success we achieved. Long live the Skull & Sword!


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